What is a guardian home? 

A guardian home is essentially shared ownership of a dog between our program and an approved guardian home.  Sometimes we breed a dog and find one of their puppies a perfect candidate to continue the exceptional structure and temperament qualities we require in our breeding stock.  The conundrum is we can only house so many dogs in our home (and trust me, we are maxed out..) We would hate to miss an opportunity to continue our lines because of logistics.  This is where guardian homes become an essential partnership for us.

An approved guardian home gets to keep our pick of the litter; an extremely high quality dog chosen specifically to carry on the Black Forest Doodles legacy.  Our program retains all breeding rights to the dog, while the guardian gets a fabulous family pet at no upfront cost.

This is not a commitment that should be entered into lightly.  Some requirements include…

  • A fenced (secure) yard

  • Home ownership

  • A commitment to live within 3 hours of Black Forest Doodles homebase for the life of the contract (3-5 years female, up to 10 years male)

  • Maintaining a healthy diet and feeding only approved foods

  • Staying up to date on all shots and health care required to keep the dog in the best condition (all veterinary costs not directly related to breeding are the guardians sole responsibility.)

  • Training to the intermediate/advanced level (we require that the dog know manners and basic training skills.)

  • Maintaining the dogs coat with daily brushing and grooming every 6-8 weeks

  • Teeth brushing as needed 

  • Ensuring our intact male/female is kept away from other potentially intact dogs of the opposite sex to avoid any accidental breedings.

  • Avoiding any intense physical exercise until the growth plates have closed (usually by age 2.)

  • No dog parks ever

We understand that this is a lot to ask, but our pick of the litter is well worth it; plus you will be helping to better this breed we all love so much by helping us continue our program and our dedication to doodles.

If you would like to apply for guardianship please do so by filling out the application form and emailing it to info@blackforestdoodles.com.

Application Form