About us

Welcome to our little house in the big forest.  We are Black Forest Doodles, located in Black Forest, Colorado.

We are a family of 17!

4 Humans – Nicole, John, Madeline & Maddox

6 Four Legged “Humans” – Mavis, Margot, Murphy, Cinder, Ella & Tupac B Sullivan III (Sully)

7 Chickens – They used to have names but they look so much alike we just refer to them as “here chicky chicky”.

While this is one big family affair, the daily operations are handled by Nicole.  In 2017 she left her 9-5 as an interior designer to pursue her doodle passion full time.

Now you can find her reading up on breed standards, conformation, joining in on message boards for doodle owners & breeders, mentoring new breeders, learning the ins and outs of genetics, studying positive reinforcement dog training methods, researching the best ways to boost puppy brain development, cooking up lots of healthy treats for momma, bonding with new puppies; desensitizing them, socializing them, training them… we could go on and on.

She knows she is an equal amount puppy nerd and crazy lady, and she’s ok with that.

Meet the Mommas



(Pregnancy Confirmation Expected Nov 2020)

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(Pregnancy confirmation Expected Nov 2020)

Reserve Your Pup Today



(Pending Health Testing & Growth Spring 2022)



(Pending Health Testing & Growth Spring 2022)

Momma’s Care

  • Our girls typically have one litter per year and are retired after their 3-4 litters.  They are free fed a combination of high fat, high protein food, plus “fat bombs”.*fat bombs are made of eggs, peanut butter, pumpkin and beef broth

Puppy Care

  • Momma’s milk contains important antibodies & vaccinations pass to puppies

  • At around 4 weeks puppies get their milk teeth & we start them on “puppy mash” which is a combination of high protein, high fat kibble ground into powder.  We feed ______ goats milk, liver water & oatmeal cereal.

Puppy Application

  • If you are interested in acquiring one of our doodle puppies, please fill out this form and email it to info@blackforestdoodles.com

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